Who doesn`t know him!? The joker from the French card games? A trump can replace any playing card and transform itself in all directions. So, in most instances, when the face with the big grin is put on the table, it’s over for the opponent. The trump is for any situation the right playing card, for it is alterable exactly like the sound of Joker’s Joke. It is rock and pop, love and hate, praise and critique, as well as speedy and slow-going, sentimental and brute. Antonyms get symbiosis. Joker’s Joke joins soulful voices with rock-riffs…. But especially one thing joins the four musicians from Dusseldorf: the honesty to music. The one who claims, he can reinvent the wheel, is lying. And exactly this is what the band doesn’t want to do. More crucial is the personal individuality as well as songs which put a listener in a good mood.

Band history

  • 2009 - Band establishment in Duesseldorf - Germany.
    First band lineup: Christian Elze (v), Rumen Iliev (g), Georgi Gogov (b), Björn Sondermann (dr).
  • 2010 - The band gets new drummer - Julio Baterista.
  • 2012 - Christian Elze quits the band. Searching for replacement.
  • 2013 - The band gets new vocalist - Christian Meringolo.
    Current band lineup: Christian Meringolo (v), Rumen Iliev (g), Georgi Gogov (b), Julio Baterista (dr).